Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On the move!

Taking a little break from posting about Marrakech...

Almost titled this post "big news!" but when you're married and 30, you have to be careful about when you break out that phrase (especially with exclamation points). But we're excited (exclamation points included) because we're on the move. Not out of Spain, just to a new neighborhood and a new house! And it has a pool!

Now, some people might think we have lost our minds, because we are voluntarily moving, which will be the second time in a little over a year, and we just said how settled we were feeling. But we couldn't pass up this house. Our current place was rented by Graham (Meghann was still in the States working and putting the finishing touches on the wedding) and he only had a short amount of time to find a place for us both to move into after the wedding (no pressure). It's been a good house but we definitely feel like the new casa is an upgrade, even though we're actually downsizing. Overall, it's just more our style and a better fit for how we live - less square footage, fewer bedrooms and bathrooms, but a more open floor plan on 2 floors instead of 3. The pool definitely made the decision easier, too. And to be honest, we're just used to moving. In the last 7 years of living together (yeah, we know you can do the math, we've only been married a year - sinners), we've lived in 7 different houses - for us, a house is a temporary thing.

Luckily this move is a little less intense than our Virginia-to-Spain adventure last year and we're doing much of it ourselves (some friends were kind enough to trade their SUV for the Mini for a few days). So, we spent most of the weekend moving as much as we could carry over to the new place, with a couple breaks to lounge by the pool and cool off, of course. 

 For all of you enjoying the start of fall and cooler temperatures and posting about it non-stop on the internet (looking at you, East Coasters) - we might not need to break out scarves and don't have pumpkin flavored everything, but we went swimming. Outside. In late September.

We'll be working on the move for the next 2 weeks and will keep you updated along the way. We promise we'll post more pictures, but here are a couple of snaps for now.

So, what do you think? Are we crazy or crazy-like-a-fox (we know there is some amount of crazy involved)? 

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