Monday, July 30, 2012

Tall Ships in Cadiz

Last week we noticed some tall masted ships making their way into the Bay of Cadiz, which we can see from our bedroom balcony. After asking around, we found out that Cadiz was hosting a tall ship regatta over the weekend and that some of the world's most famous sailing ships were in port for it. So yesterday we drove over to Cadiz to take a closer look at them before they paraded out of the bay.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Casa update

Since we have been officially living in our Spanish casa for a year, we figured it was time to give you all another tour. Our first guests came to visit in May and then we had family here in June, so it really pushed us to finish some of the projects that we had put off because we were busy going to the beach golfing traveling going out drinking wine. And rather than just show you all the nuevo-and-improved after photos, we decided to include everything. From the days of the (still gives us the creeps to think about) loaner furniture to unpacking to the weird in-between stage where all of our wall art was propped against the walls to what our casa currently looks like - it's all here in one post for your viewing pleasure. It's a work in progress, but we feel like we've come pretty far in the last year (and to keep ourselves motivated, we try not to think of the inevitable move).

Our front door

We added some plants (then changed those out when the originals died went to the big garden in the sky), put out a mat, and hung a traditional tile sign of our monogram.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Spaniversary!

One year ago today, exactly 2 weeks after our wedding day, we landed in Spain to start this 3 year* adventure.

We were driven from Maryland to Philly, then flew from Philly to Frankfurt to Madrid, and finally made the 6 hour drive from Madrid to our new hometown of El Puerto de Santa Maria. All of this with 6 bags and our tiny dog, Chloe. When we arrived we were tired, jetlagged, and a little smelly (just being honest here), but we were excited! Meghann checked out the casa, which she had only seen in pictures and some flip video, and then we went down to the playa to catch the sunset and see the Atlantic from the other side.

First dia in Spain.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


One year ago today, we put the matrimony in HolaMatrimony. 

¡Euro 2012 Champs!

Yesterday, España won the UEFA Euro 2012 tournament! They dominated the Italian team with a score of 4-0 and became the first team to successfully defend the European Championship. Which you already know, unless you live under a rock or in the United States. This is huge for Spain and a big deal in the rest of Europe, but like most soccer football news in the States, the story is buried somewhere in the sports section.

After Spain defeated France.

Graham only saw the second half of the game, because he is traveling and was on a train to Sevilla. Meghann is at home in States and was at a family barbecue, but we were both cheering for our home team (Meghann even has the official Euro 2012 app on her phone). Unfortunately, we missed out on celebrating in the streets after the final game, but it was still exciting to follow Spain throughout the tournament and we did go out to watch a few of the earlier games. 

Graham's family was visiting during part of the tournament. Here we are with James, Graham's brother, watching the Spain vs. Croatia game.

Following football and cheering for Spain has been another unique part of our overseas experience. Even though we're not locals, it's been fun to gear up, go out, and get into the excitement of the games. ¡Viva España!