Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Spaniversary!

One year ago today, exactly 2 weeks after our wedding day, we landed in Spain to start this 3 year* adventure.

We were driven from Maryland to Philly, then flew from Philly to Frankfurt to Madrid, and finally made the 6 hour drive from Madrid to our new hometown of El Puerto de Santa Maria. All of this with 6 bags and our tiny dog, Chloe. When we arrived we were tired, jetlagged, and a little smelly (just being honest here), but we were excited! Meghann checked out the casa, which she had only seen in pictures and some flip video, and then we went down to the playa to catch the sunset and see the Atlantic from the other side.

First dia in Spain.
Over the past year, we have unpacked and settled in, explored our corner of Spain, taken more than a few trips, became an aunt and uncle, went on our belated honeymoon, and experienced some of the culture of Andalucia. There have been many good times, and of course, there have been rough patches, too.

For our 1 year anniversary with Spain, we wanted to celebrate by doing a few things that we love. So, we took Chloe for an early evening walk on the playa, then had some tapas on our patio while the sol went down. We snacked on fried peppers from our neighborhood market, locally made goat queso, and cava (bubbly is a must for any anniversary). It was a great way to spend our 366th (leap year!) dia in Spain.

Happy Spaniversary to us! Here's to 2 more years together!

*We affectionately call this the "Navy asterisk" - it means that as of right now, to the best of our knowledge, this is what we think will happen. But in life nothing is ever certain and in the Navy it's even more likely to change, sometimes drastically. So, Graham has 3 year orders to EspaƱa, but there is always the possibility that could change, and we try to keep that in mind.

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