Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Uno for me, Uno for you: Liquid Gold Giveaway!

*A winner has been chosen. Gracias to everyone for your comments!*

Olive oil, aceite de oliva, it's not just an ingredient in España, it's a dietary staple and a source of national pride. Any mention of olive oil and you're bound to hear these fun facts: More olive oil is produced here than any other country. Italy imports olive oil from Spain. Spanish olive oil is the best in the world.

Olive trees for miles kilometers...

Aceite is used at every meal, from drizzling it on toasted bread for breakfast to cooking shrimp in a dish of it for dinner. If you order a salad, it will arrive at your table with bottles of olive oil and vinegar, it is used for frying, and in some desserts. Olive oil is sold in every store, even the corner frutería, in small bottles and giant tins and jugs. It is ubiquitous. And delicious.

Typical breakfast of toast, olive oil, and pureed tomato.

I started cooking almost exclusively with olive oil several years ago, when we were still living in the States, because of the health benefits. I would buy a small overpriced bottle from the grocery store and use it sparingly. Now, we buy it in 5 liter tins, and use it for everything. The aceite here is much better quality and cheaper than what I could get before. 

Our tin of olive oil ran out just before we left for our weekend in Benaojan, so we picked up another 5 liters when we were in Ronda. I especially like this brand, Oro Natura*, and keep it in our kitchen because it's extra virgin, mechanically pressed, and extracted from organic Lechín olives that are grown in the Sierra de Cádiz. Basically, it's the best - natural, local, and flavorful. 

So, I just couldn't resist getting an extra half-liter bottle of my favorite to give away! One for me, one for you!

I love this smaller bottle, because it also comes with a pour spout and you can reuse it. I have the same one on my kitchen counter that I refill from our larger tin.

Now, I wish I could buy gifts for everyone, but I just can't. So rather than play favorites, I figured I would leave this up to chance. 

Here's all you have to do to win:

-Comment directly (not via facebook or email, although I love those comments, too!) on this post. It can be about olive oil or whatever you like. 

-Have a US address where I can send it. I know, I live in Spain, but I still use the US mail system. If you're in Spain (without a US or FPO address) get your own olive oil! Also, I'd be more than happy to send it to a friend or family member of yours in the States. Share the love!

-I'll use to determine the winner and will announce who the lucky person is on Monday, April 29th.

¡Buena suerte!

*Oro Natura has no clue who I am. I just like their product and am feeling generous. 


  1. Oooooo, I love olive oil! I have some with a hint of truffle oil in it that I use on my mushroom pizzas. Heaven. I finally bought a mister so I could control how much I use on roasted veggies. Like you said, it's expensive over here!

  2. I want in- we use EVOO constantl! I'm still nursing my olive oil from Italy because I'll be sad when I'm out!

  3. this is a super fun giveaway!! i love using olive oil when cooking, this looks liek good fancy stuff too!
    dtdady at gmail dot com

  4. You crack me up, Meghann! I want a present from Espana!!!

  5. Josh, Joey and I love Olive Oil, but not as much as Daddy Tom does! He uses it on everything, I would love it as a gift for my dad every night of the week is grilled cheese cooked with olive oil! and I'm sure he would love to receive a present from Spain!

  6. A half liter of olive oil! This is crazy!

  7. Spanish olive oil is probably better than the stuff I get at Trader Joe's ... or Trader Giotto's (per the bottle). It looks like you're having a great time in Espana! I can't believe you've been there so long already ... I still miss our book club!

  8. Oh, how I love olive oil. A little in a dish, with salt and maybe a tiny bit of parmesan cheese, then dip crusty bread in it. Heaven!


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