Monday, April 2, 2012

Rainy dias

The rain in Spain...doesn't just fall on the plain. It falls in Puerto, too. The weather here has been a combination of windy, gray, rainy, and generally dreary for a large part of the past week. It's not always sunshine and walks on the playa. And that also applies to our life aqui.

Puddle outside of our front door. Boo.
Our only car is still in the shop and has been for nearly 4 weeks. We're incredibly lucky that an amiga with a spare car was kind enough to loan it to us (gracias, Aimee!).  In the span of 7 days, we had no less than 8 repairmen come to the casa. One electrician for the lights that wouldn't come on, two repairmen to work on the washing machine that wouldn't drain, 1 technician to tell us that our internet wasn't working because of the phone line, another technician to tell us that the phone line was fine, but the router was broken, and then 3 technicians to not reach a conclusion in the phone line vs. router debate. The watch that Graham dropped off several months ago to have the battery replaced, still isn't ready. And then there are dias when something like this happens.

The point to all this is that we realize sometimes our life can seem like a lot of travel, trips to the beach, and tapas hopping. People sometimes say to us that they are jealous or that it must be like a non-stop honeymoon. Except that Graham works full-time, we're renting a house that seems to always need repair, and it's an everyday battle to understand the language and culture of our nuevo home country.

What we're trying to say is that while we love it here, and we truly do, it's not always easy and it's not a 3-year vacation. We chose to live here (as much as you can choose anything in the Navy) and we are incredibly grateful for this amazing opportunity to experience EspaƱa and travel around Europe. But while most of the time it is an absolutely wonderful life, it is also a real life. (Metaphor Alert!) So, there's a lot of sunshine, but some rainy days, too.

A great dia, but not every dia.
Has anything been raining on your parade lately?

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