Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wednesday Noche: Bowling and Shwarma

Most of you probably don't know (because we've never mentioned it in the 10 months that we've been living and blogging in EspaƱa, best bloggers ever, send us our award already) that we go out with a group of friends pretty regularly on Wednesday nights for dinner. Since so many people travel on the weekends and stay fairly busy in general, it's normally a good dia to get together and breaks up the work (or stay-at-home, in Meghann's case) week. Usually dinner is traditional Spanish food, but for last night's get-together one of our amigas had the brilliant idea to mix it up a little. So, we went out for bowling and Greek/Lebanese food!

 Fun fact: Graham is a pretty respectable bowler. He even owns his own ball. For the record, Meghann is not and does not. But bowling seems to be one of those things that is fun, even if you're not any good at it.

Almost got Meghann's nombre right. In all fairness, they did nail the double-n, which is usually where people go wrong. 10 points to the bowling alley employee for originality.

Post-bowling feast: Chicken shwarma, falafel, dolma, and hummus. It was a delicious (and fast! no 3-hour dinner last noche) change from typical Spanish food.

Do you go out during the week? Or do you save it all for the weekend?

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