Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend wasn't quite as exciting as the last one, probably because it was just a plain old 2-dayer. Here are some snaps of what we were up to:

We canned some peach salsa, since the peaches were looking extra bueno at the corner fruit stand and were only 3 Euros for 2 kilos (Metric overload! Just trust us, that's a steal).

Red Stripe isn't a cerveza we normally have at the house, but it just seemed like the right choice to go with the gorgeous summer weather that we've been having and the spicy-sweet salsa we were working on.

On Saturday, we went to Ikea. Let's rephrase that...we went to Ikea...on a Saturday. Because we are that badass (sorry for the profanity Moms, but there's just no other word for that type of dedication) and possibly because we are slightly mentally deranged.

Ignore the dirty Mini, Graham washed the car on Sunday - another item crossed off the weekend to-do list!

We even unpacked and assembled all of our Ikea goods the next dia. Boom! Can you tell how excessively proud of ourselves we are? Feel free to give us a little internet pat on the back.

So, you might be wondering...What is the motivation behind all of this madness increased productivity and lack of beach or siesta time? Well, we have more visitors that will be here in 2 weeks - Graham's parents and brother! We are super-excited, since we haven't seen them since February. And this will be the first family that has been to our current casa, so we want it to be extra spiffy. Plus, we're the type of people that need a little push when it comes to deciding to get things done around the house instead of going to the playa. We're truly procrastinators at heart.

Don't feel too bad for our weekend though. There was still time for Graham to play golf, Meghann to go out for a girls night, and for us to lay out in the yard and relax on Sunday afternoon.

Chloe and Meghann soaked up some sun and Graham started a new book.

Have you read Bossypants? Meghann picked it up and read it on her flight to the States in February. Graham is just getting around to it after completing some reading for grad school and finally finishing For Whom the Bell Tolls. It is a quick read and ridiculously hilarious. Definitely a change-up from Hemingway and a must if you love Tina Fey (and if you don't love Tina, you will by the time you finish the first page). Be prepared for strange looks if you read it in public, because you will laugh out loud.

Besides being domestic and getting ready for Graham's family's arrival, there have been a few other exciting things going on in our world recently.

Our friends, Dan and Emily, booked their tickets from California to Spain for late August! We haven't seen them since they were in our wedding, almost a year ago (side note: can't believe our first anniversary is less than a month away). And to top off that awesomeness, we are planning a trip to Marrakech together. Marrakech is at the top of our must-visit list and now we are going there with some of our best amigos!

Photo credit: The ridiculously talented Adam Barnes.
In other news, the people that are renting our townhouse in Norfolk (who are the best tenants ever and will be very missed), let us know a little while ago that they would be moving out at the end of the summer. On Friday, we listed the house for rent online and by Saturday morning we had a very promising response. After emailing back-and-forth during the last couple days, we are optimistic. So, keep your fingers crossed that this works out, por favor!

How was your weekend? Productive, lazy, or a good mix of both?

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