Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My little sister's big dia!

from Meghann:

 Today is my little sister and her husband's 1 month anniversary! I can't believe a month has passed since we were in Maryland to celebrate Catherine and Doug's wedding day. Like our other trips back to the States, we had a lot going on - spending time in DC, another friend's fabulous wedding, holing up for Superstorm Sandy with Dark and Stormies, getting stuck in the States because flights were delayed and cancelled. But this was the main event!

I took some photos while it was just us girls getting ready, before the photographer* arrived. This is such a special part of any wedding day and I think something that every soon-to-be-married lady looks forward to. The private girl time, hiding out from the boys, the mimosas, playing fun music, getting beautified, the moments before the dresses go on and the momentum of the day takes off. 

A little taste of EspaƱa in Chestertown, Maryland. Cava - yum!

My pretty sister!

My mama and my niece! Abbi is getting so big and beautiful!

The wedding was held on a waterfront farm - gorgeous! And even though it was the Saturday before Sandy hit, the weather was perfect.

And of course, we barely remembered to have someone snap a picture of the two us before it was completely dark. We have a good excuse though - we were too busy celebrating with family and having a great time. 

Felicidades, Catherine and Doug! Hope you have had a wonderful first month of marriage. Here's to 1000 more!

*My sister's professional photographer was the talented Brittany of Dunks Photo. Not only does she do weddings, but many people I know in Maryland use her for adorable family photos. Check her out!

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