Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thirsty Jueves! Strawberry Peach White Sangria

Spain is known for sangria - red wine mixed with liquor and full of fruit, often served in a brightly painted ceramic pitcher. Flamenco, bullfights, sangria - it's the trifecta of what first comes to mind for many people when they think of Spain. But I have a confession...

On a hot summer day, I prefer tinto de verano. To me it's lighter and more refreshing than traditional sangria. And let's be honest, you feel like less of a tourist when you realize that you're drinking what the locals are. It's also simpler and easier to make at home, for those lazy afternoons on the patio.

Don't get me wrong, sangria is delicious. But when I take the time to make it, I prefer this version:

Strawberry Peach White Sangria


-3 x 1.75 liter bottles of pinot grigio or similar (this is not the time to buy the good stuff, cheap is good)
-1 cup peach schnapps
-1/2 cup orange liqueur (any brand, I was looking for triple sec, but Cointreau was all I could find)
-1 pint of strawberries, sliced
-4 peaches, diced
-1 apple, diced
-1 orange, sliced into wheels
-1 lemon, wheels
-1 lime, wheels


-Cut fruit
-Place in large beverage container or punch bowl
-Add wine and liqueur
-Refrigerate at least 4-6 hours, longer is better
-Serve chilled, with a ladle 

Like most of my recipes, there is some flexibility - I couldn't find peaches, so I used nectarines. If you want grapes, add them. Prefer pear to apple? Make the switch. The citrus is traditional to sangria and I wouldn't leave all of it out, but don't worry if you only have lemons and no limes or vice versa. Want to make it more boozy? Go ahead, add a little more. But beware - this stuff can be dangerous, especially the fruit!

There are only 2 things you must do: Cut the fruit small - the flavor and sugars from the fruit are what make it delicious. And it has to have time - you can't rush it. If you taste it right after you make it, you'll be disappointed. Make it early and then go about your party-planning day. 

This recipe makes a fiesta-sized amount, which is pretty much the only time I make sangria. I served it recently at Graham's birthday party and it was a hit. It does take a little bit of preparation, but it's completely ready to go when your guests arrive. And it won't be around for long, I promise. 

This might not be the most traditional sangria, but it would be perfect for a Memorial Day barbecue or pool party! 


  1. It looks delicious. We just went to Mario's father's village festival, and they traditionally make what they call "limonada," which is in fact sangria. This year they made sangria blanca, which was divine! I like your version better, with all the fresh fruit though.

    1. Hola, Kaley! Sangria blanca sounds interesting, was it made with brandy like the classic version? I do prefer my sangria with fresh fruit because it makes it healthy...or at least that's what I tell myself.


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