Monday, June 24, 2013

Dazed and confused

I'm back in España. After a short, but important, trip to the States, we finally got to our casa yesterday around 6 o'clock (in the evening or por la tarde, depending). Both trips there and back were long and involved a seemingly endless combination of planes, trains, automobiles, buses, metro, shuttles, taxis, and even a ferry.

Taken at the third (but not the last) airport of our trip, Reagan National in DC, via my Instagram.

To top it off, on the road from North Carolina to DC on Friday, (first things first, we're totally fine) we were in a car accident. The positives are that everyone involved is okay, it wasn't our fault, and that repairs to the Jeep will be covered by the other driver's insurance.

But it definitely added an extra element of anxiety and to sum it up, I'm pretty exhausted. By the time we walked in the door yesterday I was just so (deliriously) happy to see our pups and be in my own house. I think jet lag is made worse when there is more stress involved with the travel and this trip was a tough one.

Now, I'm trying my best to get out of this 6-hour time difference induced fog. Remedies include: drinking lots of water, getting out into the sun, and attempting to go to bed at a normal time (then failing miserably and watching stupid movies until 3 in the morning). 

Have any cures for jet lag?

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