Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We're moving to...

Did you ever play that game as a kid where you spun a globe around and stopped it with your finger to see where you were going to live or go on vacation? I know I'm a map nerd, but this can't just be me. It was fun to imagine ending up in those far-away places, while singing a little chorus of "round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows!" as the globe turned.

(Completely unrelated, but I traded my last office an old microwave for this globe, straight up. I'd say I got the better deal.)

When Graham and I discussed his transition to civilian life, we both agreed that our top priority would be to stay overseas, ideally in Europe. But applying for jobs is a bit like a grown-up version of spinning the globe and as various positions became available, we decided to get adventurous and widen our scope.

Which is how our metaphorical fingers came to land on our next home...


Our next adventure will be in a part of the world that is completely new to both of us. I'm intrigued and admittedly, a bit overwhelmed - the language, the culture, the driving on the left! But we've heard a lot of great things about Japan (tell me more! get specific!) and there's so much to be excited about, especially the food and travel opportunities! 

How did this happen? Graham applied for and was offered a very good job working as a federal government employee in Yokosuka, about an hour and a half south of Tokyo. So good in fact, that it was nearly impossible to pass up. He'll be at a Navy base, doing similar work, but as a civilian and at a higher level - essentially a promotion! Big congrats to my husband! 

And now for the bittersweet part...leaving my beloved Spain, which we will be doing in exactly one month. On January 2nd, we will travel back to the States, where we'll spend a few weeks belatedly celebrating the holidays with family and getting a good dose of America before it's on to Japan. 

I hope to spend the next month soaking it all in, while trying not to go insane with the fast pace of the holiday season and the stress of coordinating an overseas-to-overseas move. Visiting all my favorite spots, eating all the best Spanish food, taking last-minute day trips, the list is long and time is short.

So, there you go. Our big news for 2015. Trading Atlantic for Pacific, Europe for Asia, military for civilian, west for east, the familiar and loved for the unexplored and unknown. 

Feel free to follow along as we say "adiós" to España and "konnichiwa" to Japan. And keep me posted on your big adventures in the new year! 


  1. Gambatte! (Good luck in Japanese) When I get some downtime, I'll send you an email with Japan stuff. I've lived there twice -- and I LOVE IT. You'll have a fantastic time in Nippon.

    1. Arigato, Sarah! I would love any information you have about Japan. Where were you stationed when you were there? Any chance you'd want to come back for a visit?!

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