Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cute casa, Feo furniture

When we arrived in Puerto in Julio we already had a house, thanks to Graham signing a lease before coming back to the States for our wedding.  While it was great to have a home to move into right away, the fact that it was nearly empty made us anxious for the delivery of our household goods.  We say "nearly empty" because the Navy was kind enough to provide us with some loaner furniture, some of which can be seen in our posts on Chloe or Tinto.  Now that our stuff has been delivered, and our backs have recovered from sitting on a wood and vinyl couch, we think we're physically and emotionally ready to give you the full tour of our casa in all its original, pre-decorated, loaner furniture glory.  This is how we lived for our first seis weeks in Spain.  Warning:  the furniture seen in this post may cause college dorm room flashbacks.

The entrance to our townhouse.

Hola!  Bienvenido to our house.
This picture reminds Meghann of
The Continental.

Inside the front puerto.
yellow arrow points into the kitchen.
orange arrow points to the dining room,
and you can see all the way to the back yard.

There is a half-bath directly to the right inside the front door.

Our cocina.

The kitchen forms an L, and has an outdoor laundry room attached.
The door to the right goes to the parking pad.

The kitchen has all the usual modern conveniences:
Dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, granite countertops, flat stove top and stainless range hood...and this.
Can anyone tell us what this actually is?  We've been using it as a combination spice rack/bookshelf/shopping bag holder, but we're pretty sure that's not its intended use.  Hey Marylanders, do you see what we see?

Graham was able to receive an "express shipment" in May.  So, we sent the essentials, which of course included a vino opener and queso grater. 

We only had three pans and uno Ikea cutting board.  So, for six weeks, we were either eating pasta or going out.

Our dining/living room combo.
Here's your first real taste of the Navy's finest home furnishings.

Some furniture is thrift store/vintage/trendy/cool.  This mesa is not.

The "entertainment" center.  Hey look, a fireplace!

This desk makes Meghann want to drink Keystone Light and
procrastinate writing a paper by playing Snood.
What about you?

At the top of the stairs.
Blue arrow, small guest room.  Yellow arrow, larger guest room.
Green arrow, guest bathroom.  Purple arrow, our bedroom.

The master bedroom.

The balcony is pequeno, but has a view all the way to the mar.

At night, you can see the lights of Cadiz,
(allegedly) Europe's oldest inhabited ciudad.

The master bano.

The orange arrow is pointing to:
a)  toddler sink
b)  magazine holder
c)  Chloe's bathtub
d)  European bum washer
e)  all of the above

The larger guest room.

The smaller guest room featuring a loaner dresser and Graham's laundry.

Close-up of the built-in closets.

Guest bathroom.  Yes, even guests get a magazine rack.

The house has a finished walk-out basement.

The downstairs guest room and attached bath.  Did you keep track?
That's tres guest rooms.  Book your ticket ahora!

The stairs lead up to the back yard.

Because of its size, we're planning on using this space as our living room.

The view of the front of our house from inside the gate.

The walkway wraps around to our back patio.

It's not huge, but our back yard has plenty of room for a Jack Russell.  And maybe even some cornhole boards.

The patio, vinyl love seat (oxymoron), and loaner air conditioner which blows equal parts caliente and frio air.

The back of our house.

We love the house because it's grande, has plenty of room for guests (that's you!), is a quick walk to the playa, and is in a nice neighborhood that's close to base.  But as you can see, it's a blank slate - white walls, white floors, white tiles, white fixtures.  Since we're renters again, we're limited to what we can do to personalize the house that will be our home for three years.  Right now we are in the midst of unpacking, but we will keep you updated on our progress.

And here are some quick stats:
4 bedrooms
3 1/2 baths
2200 square feet
3 bidets
and parking for one tiny car

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