Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back in España

After a (longer than expected) trip to los States, we're back in España! Actually, we returned last week, but we have been on-the-go since the plane landed. Graham has been busy with work and a master's class, Meghann is volunteering, and we've been trying to get settled in at the casa after being away for several weeks. There was a ton of laundry (and our tiny Euro washer and dryer weren't much help), the fridge was empty, and the house was a mess (how does that happen when we're not here?!). Throw in a mix of fun and not-so-awesome activities like a dining out, trip to the vet, doing taxes, taking the Mini to a mechanic, beach horseback ride, going to the gym, and dinner at a Moroccan restaurant in a pueblo blanco, and we haven't had a lot of time to relax. Or blog.

But today it was sunny and warm and while Graham was getting the Mini checked out in Rota, Meghann headed over to the weekly, Wednesday gypsy* market. Meghann strolled around for a bit, but only purchased uno thing - olives! The olive stand at the very front of the mercado has a grande selection of olives and other pickled goodness. Meghann went with the garlic-stuffed olives, a favorito in our casa, and also snapped some quick pictures.

A bolsita (pequeña bag) of olives costs 2 Euros.  Look at the extra garlic cloves in the bag...mmmm.
A perfecto snack and welcome back to España.
After a busy week, it's nice to feel like we're starting to get back into our Spanish life. We missed the olives y sunshine. What do you miss when you've been away from your casa for a while? 

*"Gypsy" is not the correct term, but this is what the market is called. The acceptable term is "Roma", but to avoid confusion we went with the commonly used word. We'll try to use it as little as possible.

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