Friday, August 10, 2012

Flashback Friday: Cordoba

¡Feliz Friday! For the second week, we're continuing to be timely with our procrastination, by putting up some pics that were taken a while back but that we still want to share. Last week it was our trip to Barcelona, this week it's Cordoba. We've actually been twice, but these pictures are from our first trip in  November. Cordoba is known for its stunning mosque, which is preserved inside of what is now a church. Beyond that it is a lovely town, filled with Moorish history and architecture.

The bell tower of the church.

The famous arches of the mosque.

We stopped here for lunch.

The Alcazar - palace of the Moors and then the Catholic monarchs.

The Roman bridge across the Guadalquivir river.

¡Ten un buen fin de semana!

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