Monday, August 20, 2012

Ferry to Cadiz

On Saturday, we took the ferry from Puerto to Cadiz. Cadiz is close (we can see it across the bay from our bedroom balcony!) and we've been many times by car (we went just a couple weekends ago to see the Tall Ships). But we had heard the ferry was fast, cheap, and easy (just how we like it...?) so we decided to give it a try.

It was a gorgeous (and very hot) day.

Cadiz is (according to the Spanish) the oldest, continuously inhabited European city. Whether or not that is true doesn't really matter, Cadiz is a beautiful and ancient city, full of character and winding streets. 

On Saturday, the city was also filled with people - having lunch, heading to the beach, shopping, going to the market.

The market was bustling on Saturday morning afternoon (still early in the day by Spanish standards). People were buying and selling fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables, cheese, charcuterie, fresh meat, herbs, and spices from large, fully stocked stalls and from little tables made out of stacked crates.

The market is fascinating, but not for the faint of heart (or nose).

And yes, that is the severed head of a swordfish. 

After strolling through the market for a while, we found a place to get lunch.

Our meal started with olives, of course.

Meghann had ajo blanco, a soup made of garlic and almonds, and a typical ensalada mixta - salad topped with onions, tomato, corn, and tuna.

Graham had pork ribs cooked in a sweet sherry sauce. Pork and sherry, that's what Spain does!

We made one last stop at a flower stand and then we were on our way back to Puerto on the ferry.

 A year later, we're still discovering and experiencing new things - we love it! Gone on any adventures lately, even if they were close to home?

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