Friday, August 3, 2012

Flashback Friday: Barcelona

Hola and feliz Friday! We've had a full week - Graham has been busy with work, grad school courses, and golf. Meghann had her first horseback riding lesson, has been volunteering at the animal shelter, and taking care of a foster dog with a broken leg that is on the mend. And we've been filling any spare gaps with watching the Olympics (even if that means lots of badminton, archery, and table tennis, thanks to the fact that we're watching East Coast television coverage).

So, we don't have another blog post put together for this week. But since we're such great procrastinators bloggers, we do have some pictures from our trip to Barcelona way back in November that we'll share with you. Let's call it Flashback Friday and we might make a habit of it, because we love alliteration (almost as much as we love procrastination).

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