Thursday, July 25, 2013

Outer Banks love

On Tuesday, we got back from Bordeaux, the capital of wine...and all things dedicated to the fabulously French good life.  We spent a few (very much-needed) days sipping, eating, relaxing, and belatedly celebrating our anniversary. After what has been a tough month, it was the perfect getaway and I can't wait to post some photos, but I wanted to talk about some other travel first.

Earlier this month, we made a more difficult trip back to the States, and while it wasn't a vacation, I still wanted to share parts of our time on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, because it's a place that means so much to Graham and me. He moved there as a child and grew up there, while I visited for the first time when I was 17 on a family vacation. I haven't missed going at least once a year since then and even lived there for 2 summers during college. 

It's a place that we both truly love and part of the connection between us. Soon after meeting Graham (over 9 years ago!) he invited me to visit him at his parents' home. If their house hadn't been on the Outer Banks, a place I was so familiar with, there was a good chance I would have said no. That tiny strip of barrier islands might be one of the reasons we're married today!

So in honor of such a special place, here's a little collection of phone photo love, just a few things that I miss about an East Coast summer and that make the Outer Banks great.

Crabs and corn on the cob, don't even get me started. Even better with good friends.

Summertime thunderstorms. I love them and El Puerto doesn't get them. This is the view from Graham's childhood home.

Sunsets over the sound, not something you see on the other side of the Atlantic.

Lazy beach days and sandy picnics with sandwiches and beer from Stop-and-Shop.

Backyard parties complete with cornhole.

Funky local restaurants, like John's DriveIn.

Heading "down south" to Pea Island for wide open beaches all to yourself.

Ever been to the Outer Banks? Did it capture your heart?

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