Friday, July 19, 2013

Second Spaniversary

July 17th (our second Spaniversary) came and went without us noticing. We had just gotten back from the States and had barely enough energy to heat up a frozen pizza and watch a movie, despite it being the momentous second anniversary of our arrival in España. I normally love a reason to celebrate, but it was just completely forgotten. Transatlantic flights and 24-hour travel days will do that to a person.

Last year, we celebrated by going down to the beach, just like we did on our first day in El Puerto. We still love the beach, but now that we have a pool, we marked 2 years in Spain yesterday (when I finally got a handle on what the date was) by hanging out in our back yard with Chloe and Cora, drinking tintos de verano, splashing in the pool, and basking in the late afternoon sun. Which is what I expect most of the rest of our summer leisure time will look like.

p.s. We're supposed to only have less than a year left in Spain, but that might be changing due to some recent developments. More on that later...

p.p.s. Sorry for the iphone pic only post. My brain can't handle the big camera right now. 

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