Monday, November 14, 2011

Hola! and excuses...

We owe you all a grande apology for disappearing.  Lo siento!  But we have a bueno excuse, actually a few.  The biggest one is that our household goods were delivered (hooray!) and our casa became chaotic (boo).  It really is crazy to see everything you own packed into wooden crates that you won't see for dos months.  Here are our worldly possessions leaving our townhouse in Norfolk, before their transatlantic journey:

And here are the crates being unloaded in Spain, looking pretty much the same.  Luckily, so did almost everything in them (with just a few minor exceptions - not bad for a Navy move.)

After the crates were emptied and the boxes sorted by room, this is what we were left with.  

And this was just the kitchen.  Could you even recognize it as a cocina?  We couldn't, so we avoided it and went out to dinner.  A few nights.  But avoidance only worked for so long and eventually we got to work unpacking. Luckily, we had some helping hands paws.  

So our house went from this to this.  (With a lot of "I can't stand looking at these boxes anymore!" and "How did we end up with so much stuff - where is it going to go?" in between.  Ok, and there was probably some profanity thrown in there, too.)  

The entryway.  Do you recognize the dresser?  It made its original appearance at our wedding and is now a bright verde instead of blanco.

The cocina.  Getting this room organized was the biggest project and we will dedicate another post just to that process.  And it was a process.

Dining room.  

We bought a new rug, but are still looking for a larger table, since we like the idea of having more than 2 amigos over for dinner.  

Living room.  We added another bookshelf to wrangle our growing collection of books and randomness.  Say what you want about Ikea, but it is consistent, from Texas to España.

Other side of the odd, L-shaped living room.  There's our nuevo couch on the left.

The master bedroom.  Not looking so masterful with our spare bed and the unfinished Ikea dresser in the corner, but an improvement over our loaner bed and mattress (we feel like we could hear you say "eww" all the way in Spain.)

Master bathroom.  Spiffed up with some extra storage.

Pequeño guest bedroom.

So, we're unpacked, but we still need to put up curtains, hang more stuff (you can see some things propped against the wall, which is our process before breaking out the drill for the concrete) and pick out some more rugs (tile is frio!).  We also need a few more pieces of furniture, since we went from a 2 bedroom/2-story townhouse to a 4 bedroom/3-story townhouse.  Apparently we like townhouses.

Ok, in the interest of keepin' it real being honest, there are still 2 bedrooms that are a mess.  

Will the boxes never end?!? 

It's been a lot of work (and it's still not done) but don't feel too bad for us.  We've still managed to have a lot of fun - Lisbon, horse races, Smurf town, Navy Ball, Sevilla, donkey polo, Granada.  Which are the other excuses for our lack of blogging.  But we promise to get caught up soon!


  1. I'm glad you're back in the blogosphere, I've missed you! The casa looks awesome!

  2. @Kristen Gracias, Kristen! It's bueno to be back!



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