Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tio and Tia

There were dos deliveries recently:  one on the first day of our trip to Bruges and one the day after our return.  The first, biggest, best, most exciting delivery was our niece!  We are officially Tio Graham and Tia Meghann.  Say "hola" to Abbigail:

She was born on Friday (the 13th!) right as we were checking in to our hotel. Thanks to some international phone calls, Meghann was able to speak with her sister and her madre.  We also had a chance to talk to Abbi on the phone and let her know that we can't wait to meet her in February.  After that, we celebrated our new tio-and-tia status with some Belgian cervezas.  Bienvenida, Abbigail!

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