Wednesday, January 18, 2012

El Segundo Delivery

Yesterday we told you about an exciting delivery that happened on our first day in Bruges - the arrival of our niece.  We hinted at a second delivery that was made the day after we got back, but we wanted Abbi to have a post all to herself.  She made us a tio and tia, so she deserves it.  Our other big arrival (literally big) was this:

Our new dining table!  We had mentioned in this post that we were looking for something larger to replace our 4 person table.  Mission accomplished.  She (yes, she) is large and in charge and seats 8, or 10 if all our guests are friendly.  

We had looked around for a while, but couldn't find exactly what we wanted.  When we visited Ronda, we had stumbled upon a furniture store that did custom work, but didn't think they would deliver 2 hours away and there was no way a table was going to fit in the Mini.  The search continued until a friend mentioned that they had bought a coffee table from the same store and they delivered (for free!).  So, 6 weeks ago we made the trip, broke out our best Spanglish, and ordered a custom table.  

Look at those big beautiful legs!  Our baby is Spanish pine, handcrafted in Ronda, and is over 2 meters long (check out that use of the metric system).

Her rustic, turned legs and wood grain are some of our favorite parts.  But we really love this table because we can see using it in our casa (wherever that may be) for a very long time.  And we were able to make this purchase thanks to some generous wedding presents, which makes this one amazing gift.  So, thanks to any and all of you that helped make this happen.  We look forward to you meeting her.

One last picture - she's modeling a lace runner Meghann picked out in Bruges. Okay, enough anthropomorphic table craziness for one dia.

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