Monday, October 8, 2012


Remember the dog that we had been fostering? She had been staying at our casa for a while, recuperating from a badly injured leg, and she completely manipulated our minds and made us fall in love with her. So last week we decided to make it official - paid the fee, picked up her tags, and gave her a name. Here she is, our lovely and lively little Cora. 

Some of you may have guessed that she was going to become part of the family, since she came along on our weekend getaway to Portugal and you can spot her in a few pictures. 

So yeah, we adopted another terror terrier, because we like an extra side of crazy with our current heaping pile of chaos. 

And here are some more pics, because who doesn't want to look at pictures of cute dogs on the internet? (Pretty sure that's why it was invented.)

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