Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Space A to the States

Hola, it's Meghann. We're in the States right now and have all sorts of things going on - my lovely sorority sister's wedding, my actual little sister Catherine's wedding weekend, her bachelorette and shower (Graham didn't join in for that fun), professional training in DC for Graham (fair trade since he didn't get to go to the bachette or shower?). 

Since Graham is technically traveling on business, the Navy booked commercial flights to DC for him. I opted to also fly for free by taking advantage of Space Available flights. Space A allows military members, dependents (that's me!) and military retirees to get on military flights if there is space available. This means just about any flight that has space for passengers is up for grabs, so every time I've flown Space A (like when we traveled back to MD in February to see our new niece), I've ended up on a cargo plane. Which looks like this:

My view - one of these containers was labeled 11,000 pounds!

My seat!  

 It's definitely a different travel experience - I pack a sleeping bag, dress for warmth and comfort since it gets cold at altitude, and wear ear protection. There's no beverage cart, but it's a direct flight from Rota to the East Coast, and leg room is pretty much unlimited. Also, since Graham works in the air terminal, he can keep me updated on which flights look best to get on. And it's free! 

(Sorry for the craptastical iPhone pics, but pulling out a giant camera and lens on a military flight seems a little weird. Right up there with taking my Nikon to a spa.)


  1. Hey Meghann! I'm really curious--how are you flying Space A by yourself? We've gone Space A a few times, but we have always been told that the Sponsor has to travel WITH the dependent, unless the Sponsor is deployed?? Thanks!

    1. Hola Meghann! I had to ask Graham about this, but apparently if you are stationed overseas, dependents can travel Space A without their sponsor. I just have to have a certain letter that I carry with me. Wish that all dependents could use Space A! Although right now I'm stuck on the East Coast, trying to get home to Rota!

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