Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scenes from a move...

Maybe you feel like your house is a little cluttered, that you really need to get organized, or that instead of watching football all weekend you should have cleaned up your place. Allow us to make you feel better about that. Behold, our new casa, in all of its freshly moved-into glory:

We're almost completely moved into the new house. Just need to finish cleaning the old house and do the walk-through with the owner on Friday. Oh, and unpack everything and put it away. 

Our first night in the house was last Friday and on Sunday we made our first dinner here. Frozen pizza, salad, and a Spanish red - keeping it classy. 

We've done most of the move ourselves (with some help from our friends) and have been making multiple trips a day with the Mini in between the old house and the new. 

That's an entire queen-sized bed frame in the Mini. And she gets 38 mpg. (Hey, marketing division at Mini - you're welcome.)

 We did hire a company to move our larger furniture, mattresses, etc. It took them about 4 hours to move that stuff - 30 minutes late, hour and a half lunch break, and 2 hours of actual moving. The Spanish have perfected the European concept of quality of life - 2 hours of leisure for 2 hours of work. 

The professional move on Monday meant that night we could sit down at our newly delivered dining room table and have a civilized meal...

of Chinese takeout, straight out o' the containers. 

So, this post should not only make you feel better about the state of your house, but also your dietary habits. We're hoping that by next week the house will be more put together and not such a mess giant pile of pure chaos. We'll keep you posted. 

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