Friday, January 6, 2012

6 Months y Seaweed

When we first moved to Puerto, we heard about an amazing restaurant right here in town, called Aponiente.  We could hardly believe that the New York Times wrote an article naming it one of 10 Restaurants Worth a Plane Ride.  The thought of a Michelin-starred meal just minutos away in our tiny town was too bueno to be true. We knew we would have to check it out, we just needed the right excuse to go. Tuesday, the 3rd, was our 6-month anniversary (monthiversary?) so Graham made reservations!

Aponiente is dedicated to sustainable, local seafood from the entire ocean's lifecycle from large fish to plankton and everything in between including crustaceans, sea snails, algae, and seaweed.  After starting with a glass of sherry, we decided on the tasting menu with vinos paired by the sommelier.

The menu, with illustrations of all the tasty sea creatures we were about to eat.

One of our favorites out of the 10-12 courses, beet-soaked tuna with radish, algae, and creme fraiche.

Fish with two seaweeds, shrimp and algae sauce - another favorito!

We enjoyed the paired vinos, too.  And a cab ride home.

One of the two dessert courses.  Those are pequeño macarons.

The old married couple.  Still looking good after all these...months.
The food was delicious and unique, the service was excellent (even though we only understood half of what was being said), the decor was minimal and elegant.  So, get on a plane already!  You can't argue with the New York Times - or us!


  1. Can you believe that Ale and I have never been? I saw David Muñoz speak at this year's Madrid Fusión and we will be going very soon on our next trip down! Glad you enjoyed!

    1. Hola, Lauren!

      It's definitely a splurge, but so different than everything else here! We actually have tickets to see a demonstration by Angel Leon on base next week. Super exciting for this foodie nerd! Let me know the next time you're in El Puerto - we should get together!



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