Friday, May 25, 2012

Feliz weekend!

It's the unofficial start of summer, so pour yourself a tinto de verano and catch up on your Hola Matrimony!

-Our luna de miel ended in Paris, where we saw some of the sights and ate a ton of food (including plenty of cheeeese).

-We checked out feria in Jerez and Rota. Meghann loves the traditional dresses and Graham is partial to the rebujitos.

-Met up with amigos in Dublin to conduct official field studies of whether Guinness really tastes better in Ireland.

-The Marylanders hit Spain! First stop, Granada for the Alhambra, tapas, and to celebrate the end of Graham's youth Graham's 30th birthday.

We hope you enjoy your weekend! But don't forget to take uno momento to remember the reason for the holiday.

Graham's deployment homecoming in 2009. A wonderful day that not every military family gets to have.

Just something to keep in mind while you are playing outside, making some cocktails, throwing something fresh and tasty on the grill, hanging out with amigos, relaxing with a book, reading your favorite blog, or hitting the playa. Or if you are lucky - doing all of the above! What are your plans for the weekend?

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