Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Home es...

We are home from our (belated) honeymoon! Paris and Mauritius were amazing and we will be doing a post soon (after we go through over 1500 pictures and get settled back in at the casa) but it got us thinking about something. Where is our home? It's a simple question we get asked all the time, but it's getting harder and more complicated to answer.

The longer Graham is in the Navy (almost 8 years!) and the more we move (too many times to count!), the more difficult it becomes to define where "home" is. We can go home to the States and also home to Spain. There is the place where we were born, where we're from, and where we live. And there are many clich├ęd ways to define home:

Home is where the heart is.


Home is where you hang your hat.

And of course, in this lifestyle, the ever-popular:

Home is where the Navy sends you.

The truth is we have a collection of places that are special to us. Here's a quick rundown of some of the places where we have hung our sombrero, where the Navy has sent us, and/or where our heart is.

Born in Virginia
Lived in southern Maryland as a small child
Grew up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, in the house that his parents still live in
Went to college in Annapolis, Maryland
After graduation, moved to Pensacola, Florida

Born in the Turks and Caicos Islands
Grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland
Went to college in Westminster, Maryland
Lived in Budapest, Hungary for a semester
Spent two summers in college living on the Outer Banks (but didn't meet Graham!)

Together we have lived in two diferente towns in Texas, Virginia, and now Spain. We were married in Annapolis. We own a casa in Norfolk, Virginia, that we lived in for 2 years. We will live in Spain for 3 years. Then...who knows?! We'll have another home to add to the list.

Our current casa.
Do you have uno home or a few? If you are in the Navy, do you have one of those little signs in your casa that lists all the places the Navy has sent you? You know what we're talking about.


  1. I have my grandma's house in DC, where I lived until I was 9 and moved back to after college, and my parents' house in Maryland. Add Westminster, a summer in Wilmington, North Carolina, a summer in Houston, and the five years I never thought I'd spend in New Orleans? It actually made it more clear that for me, home is DC. And oddly enough, until I moved here, I'd never lived more than a mile from a military base. My husband and parents are not military. Weird.

    I love your blog!

    1. Hola Tierra! The Eastern Shore is definitely the place that has the most emotional significance for me, but I wouldn't be ready to settle there, or possibly anywhere, for quite a while. Moving is one aspect of the military lifestyle that I enjoy. I am glad that you will be headed home to DC - it's somewhere I wouldn't mind calling "home" myself, at some point. Thanks for the comment and the love!



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