Thursday, May 24, 2012

Marylanders go to Granada

From Dublin, we plus the Maryland three flew into Malaga and then drove up to Granada. We told our friends that if you're in Spain, you have to see the Alhambra. And Granada is a great Spanish city - lots of character, charm, and tapas that come with every drink. They were sold. By the time we got in on our first night, there was only tiempo to go out for a few beverages, since we knew we had a big day following. 

The next dia (Graham's 30th birthday!) we got up, grabbed some pastries, picked up our tickets, and walked up the hill to the Alhambra. It was even lovelier than when the two of us were there in the fall.

It was a hot one! Luckily, in EspaƱa a cold cerveza is never too far from your hand, even at a historic site. First birthday cheers of the day to Graham! 

Looking down on the city of Granada. After several hours at the Alhambra, it was time to get down there and go out to celebrate.

That noche we strolled through the Albaicin (the old quarter), had dinner at a Moroccan restaurant, caught a nighttime glimpse of the Alhambra, and then went out for tapas to celebrate Graham's 30th. There aren't a lot of pictures, because we just got caught up in the fun of hanging out, drinking, and eating. Those are some of the best noches.

Granada is one of Graham's favorite cities, so it was great to not only share it with our amigos, but also spend his birthday there. It's the perfecto place to see the Moorish history that influences southern Spain, take a ton of pictures at the Alhambra, then take part in another part of Spanish culture - going out for tapas and almost completely forgetting to snap any photos. Vinos and amigos will have that effect.

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