Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feria season snaps

Feria season, when towns in EspaƱa celebrate with week-long fairs, came to our area in between our honeymoon and our trip to Dublin (more on that soon!). All of that travel, combined with some unusually cold and rainy weather, meant that we weren't able to go as much as we had planned. The noche before we left for Dublin, the weather cleared and we were able to go to the Rota Feria de Primavera (spring). We stayed until almost 3 in the morning, but many of the casetas, which are fair tents with food, drinks, and music, were still going strong. 

Love the hand-painted chairs and tables!

The bartender mixing up rebujitos - a mix of manzanilla sherry and 7-Up. The unofficially official drink of feria season! Pretty tasty, too.

Check out all those completely eaten jamon legs on the left.

When we returned from Dublin, we were able to catch the last day of the Feria de Caballo (horse) in Jerez. Just a quick, early evening stop (it was 7 pm and still nearly 100 degrees).

Feria is such a unique part of Spanish life and combines traditional dress, dance, food, and culture. We are so glad we will still have the opportunity to see more ferias and Meghann fully intends to buy a dress for next year's season. 

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