Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fin de semana snaps

We hope you all had a fantastic fin de semana! Here's what our weekend looked like, according to Meghann's iPhone and Instagram:

We beached, lounged, made tintos and quinoa tabouleh, hung out in the yard, Chloe slept in and soaked up some sol, Graham golfed, Meghann drove the cart, we went out for sushi, visited Roman ruins, caught an amazing sunset, checked Gibraltar off the list, and picked up some flores for our patio. (We'll post more about the ruins and Gibraltar later in the week.)

It was a great weekend, even though we didn't take a grande vacation and opted for a couple day trips instead. We realized that in 6 weeks, Meghann has been in 6 different countries (the States, MauritiusFranceIrelandSpain, and Gibraltar), and Graham is 5 for 5, so slowing down a bit and enjoying some of what our area of EspaƱa has to offer was perfecto. The only thing we were missing was a crab feast. All of you that were posting about the first crabs of the season were making us pretty jealous. Maybe that is what inspired us to book our plane tickets this weekend for a summer visit to Maryland! We knew we couldn't miss out on our favorito time of year on the East Coast and making the trip official was another highlight to our weekend.

What did you do this fin de semana? Did you eat crabs? Dang you! 


  1. Stephanie SmagloMay 30, 2012 at 5:14 PM

    Looks like Chloe is adjusting fabulously to life as a jet-setting pup! I'm so happy for you guys. You are living the life! Hope you're able to make it down to Norfolk sometime during your trip to the US. :) xo

    1. Chloe is loving life! She's spoiled now with a yard and a beach within walking distance. Life for Graham and I isn't too shabby either. How are you, Travis, and Macy? We have to say, as wonderful as it is here, we definitely miss Norfolk sometimes. Which I'm sure sounds crazy to other people reading this...but you know what I'm talking about! We are planning to make a trip to Norfolk in July, since this time we'll be flying commercially and not running all over the place trying to catch a military flight. Hope to see you soon!


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