Tuesday, January 15, 2013

$4 at the frutería

In keeping up with posting more about daily life...

Last night Graham and I stopped by our neighborhood frutería to pick up some produce. A frutería is like a corner store that specializes in fresh fruits and vegetables. They often have eggs, loaves of bread, olive oil, and other essentials. Ours even has a little freezer of meat and some canned goods. Almost every neighborhood has its own frutería, there was one close to our last casa too, so there's always one within walking or biking distance.

The selection of produce changes with the seasons and normally reflects what is currently being harvested locally, so you have to stay flexible with your shopping list. Here's what we picked up:

Almost a kilo of tomatoes (2 pounds).
For salads and homemade pizza. I like that they're a little dirty, seems more natural.

2 large squash, a half kilo, called "tapines".
I'm planning to add them to a veggie soup later in the week. 

And a "kaki" or persimmon.
They are in season and it makes a good snack or healthy dessert.
A typical impulse buy at the frutería.

The total cost was €2.80 (pocket change here, where 2 coins can equal €4). That's about $3.75 at the current exchange rate. Seems pretty good...I don't think I could pick up this much fresh, local produce in the States for the same price.

I find markets and how people shop for food in different countries pretty fascinating, and I wanted to share, in case you do too. Or on the off chance that you were wondering how far $4 will get you in España....you can buy all of this. Or a couple of cervezas instead, if that's more your thing.

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