Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January sol

Maybe it's because it rained last week and when it rains in Andalucia, it feels like the most unnatural thing, you think it will never stop, you will never leave the casa, and never see the sun again...but I have really been loving the weather the last couple of days.

65 degrees (Fahrenheit, since I still can't get the hang of Celsius) in January, driving with the windows open, springtime flowers already in bloom, walking on the beach, sun on my face, bare feet in the sand.

It's days like these that even though I'm an American girl at heart, I feel like I might not care if I ever go back. 

And then I get a craving for blue crabs...or I miss hanging out with that cute little niece of mine.


  1. Your photo is beautiful!

    I also have a similar problem with Fahrenheit and Celsius. I visit Madrid on a fairly regular basis. I've started setting the weather app on my Android to show both F/C so I can slowly start making the connection between the two.


    1. Gracias, Geri!

      I know what you mean about trying to make a connection between F/C. I still sometimes think "yikes, cold!" when I see 30 degrees, and in fact it's the complete opposite. I do have a conversion app on my phone, helpful with both weather and baking!



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