Monday, February 11, 2013

$32 at Carrefour

 After this little post about a quick trip to our local fruteria, I thought it would be fun to share another shopping trip. Maybe my version of "fun" is a little weird, but I really do find food shopping and costs fascinating. 

Tonight we ran out to Carrefour, which is like our version of WalMart, except that it's actually a French company and not nearly as crappy (sorry, WalMart, I don't miss you). Carrefour is all over España and has just about everything - clothes, kitchen stuff, toys, electronics, books, plants, and a grocery section that has an impressive selection of fresh produce, seafood, cheese, meats, and Spanish wines. 

Here's what we picked up for €24 or about $32:

-bag of spinach
-big bag of juice oranges
-2 dozen eggs
-2 containers of strawberries
-2 bottles of cava
-5 vine ripened tomatoes
-large wedge of parmesan cheese

I should probably point out that this is not a typical shopping trip for us - 24 eggs?! But we're hosting a Fat Tuesday Brinner (breakfast for dinner) at our casa tomorrow night and needed supplies, along with a couple things for pasta tonight.

Cava - yum! Looking forward to some mimosas mañana. 

The official tally. 

Our big budget item - imported cheese for €6 or about $8. Seems spendy, but at the commissary (the grocery store on base) that would have cost us almost $14. And you know how I feel about cheese, so I consider that $8 well spent.

The great thing is that other than the Italian cheese, everything came from España. Pretty impressive for $32, right?


  1. I just came across your blog. I have to say when I lived in Malaga I was in love with the Carrefour. I would get the weird sense of excitement as soon as I walked in. Seriously, where else could you get stuff for your computer, pair of pants, a book, supplies for my class, cheese and a kick ass leg of jamon...ahhh memories.

    1. Hola, Christine! Gracias for stopping by! Going to Carrefour has become a whole experience for me - have a coffee first, then walk through the store, checking out the produce, the fish counter and of course, the cheese section. Stop by the wine aisles on the way to the registers and grab a couple bottles. Normally I rush through a grocery store, but Spain must be having an effect on me - I love a leisurely stroll through Carrefour!


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