Friday, February 22, 2013

Lunch in Lovely Zahara

On the way back to El Puerto from Guejar Sierra, we took a little detour to Zahara de la Sierra to have lunch with friends. I happily snapped photos almost the entire way, while Graham battled with passing slow moving tractors. Ahh, country life, it's the same everywhere.

Despite the agricultural traffic jam, the drive was lovely. Descending from the Sierra Nevada mountains into the olive groves that go on as far as the eye can see, passing pueblos blancos and rambling cortijos...

Olive trees for miles...

Zahara is a perfect pueblo blanco overlooking a lake, with the ruins of a Moorish castle on its highest peak.

Our little group from Guejar Sierra met up with friends, who had been staying in Ronda, for lunch at Al Lago (On the Lake, and it was, too bad it was a little cool for the terrace, but the dining room had great views). 

I had a hard time choosing from the amazing menu, but I settled on a light lunch of Spanish onion soup (vegetarian, unlike the French version, and surprising in meat-loving España) and a salad of grilled veggies with local goat cheese. It was delicious. And yes, my light lunch includes Rioja. Doesn't yours?

Since it was a birthday lunch for my lovely amiga, her husband requested "a little birthday dessert surprise". These are the remnants of what was brought out, an entire tray, literally a silver platter, of desserts including cheesecake, sorbet, chocolate cake, and flan - complete with a candle. 

The food and service at Al Lago were great, I would definitely recommend it for anyone in the area. But what really made the meal was the company, such a wonderful late-afternoon, leisurely Spanish lunch filled with lots of good conversation. 

I would love to go back and sit outside, looking over the lake, when the weather is warmer. Hopefully that is soon...I'm ready for summer! 


  1. Hey there! I'm a new follower and fellow Spain lover. I first visited in 2006 just for funsies and then spent a summer studying in Pamplona in 2008 in college. I am loving your photos; they really take me back! I've never been to the southern half, but my next trip to Spain will definitely focus on Andalucia!

    - Elizabeth @ JAG

    1. Hola, Elizabeth! Gracias for your comment. Of course I'm biased, but I think Andalucia is a fantastic region - the beaches, pueblos blancos, food, festivals, and music. If you can get here, you should! I also have to admit, I'm a little jealous of your time in northern España. It's definitely on my list!



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